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Gospodari komunizma

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Tko su stvarni utemeljitelji i gospodari komunizma i boljsevizma vidljivo je iz imena i prezimena osoba koje navodim u daljnjem tekstu:


1. Ilich Ulin (Vladimir Ilich Ulianov or Nikolaus Lenin). President of the Supreme Soviet, Jew on mother’s side. His mother was called Blank, a Jewess of German origin.
2. Lew Davinovich Bronstein (Leo Trotsky), Commissar for the Red Army and the Navy; Jew.
3. Iosiph David Vissarionovich Djugashvili-Kochba (Joseph Vissarianovich Stalin), Nationalities Commissar; descendant of Jews from Georgia.
4. Chicherin; Commissar for foreign affairs; Russian.
5. Apfelbaum (Grigore Zinoviev), Commissar for internal affairs; Jew.
6. Kohen (Volodarsky), Commissar for press and propaganda; Jew.
7. Samuel Kaufmann, Commissar for the landed property of the State; Jew.
8. Steinberg, law Commissar; Jew.
9. Schmidt, Commissar for public works; Jew.
10. Ethel Knigkisen (Liliana), Commissar for supply, Jewess.
11. Pfenigstein, Commissar for the settlement of refugees; Jew.
12. Schlichter (Vostanoleinin) Commissar for billetings (confiscation of private houses for the Reds); Jew.
13. Lurie (Larin), President of the supreme economic council; Jew.
14. Kukor (Kukorsky), Trade Commissar; Jew.
15. Spitzberg, Culture Commissar; Jew.
16. Urisky (Radomilsky), Commissar for “elections”; Jew.
17. Lunacharsky, Commissar for public schools. Russian.
18. Simasko, Commissar for health; Jew.
19. Protzian, Agriculture Commissar; Armenian.

Of a total of 502 offices of first rank in the organisation and direction of the Communist revolution in Russia and in the direction of the Soviet State during the first years of its existence, no less than 459 posts are occupied by Jews, while only 43 of these offices have been occupied by Gentiles of different origin.

Jews 447
Lithuanians 43
Russians 30
Armenians 13
Germans 12
Finns 3
Poles 2
Georgians 2
Czechs 1
Hungarians 1

Let us look at a list of the Soviet officials in the government of Stalin:

1. Zdanov (Yadanov), who in reality was called Liphshitz, foriner commander in the defence of Leningrad during the 2nd world war. Member of the Politbüro up to 1945 and one of the instigators of the decision which excluded Tito from the Cominform in the year 1948 and who shortly afterwards died.

2. Lavrenty Beria, Chief of the M.V.D. Police and of Soviet heavy industry, member of the Soviet Atom industry, who was executed upon orders of Malenkov, and in fact for the same reason for which Stalin liquidated Yagoda.

3. Lazar Kaganovich, director of Soviet heavy industry, member of the Politburo from 1944 to 1952, then member of the Presidium and at present President of the Supreme Presidium of the USSR.

4. Malenkov (Georgi Maximilianovich Molenk), member of the Politburo and Orgburo until 1952, then member of the Supreme Presidium, President of the Ministerial Council after the death of Stalin; Minister in the government of Bulganin since 1955. He is a Jew from Ornsenburg, not a Cossack, as is asserted. The name of his father, Maximilian Malenk, is typical for a Russian Jew. In addition there is a very important detail, which reveals the true origin of Malenkov and also of Khrushchev. The present wife of Malenkov is the Jewess Pearlmutter, known as “Comrade Schans chuschne” who was Minister (Commissar) for the fish industry in the Soviet government in the year 1938. If Malenkov had not been a Jew, it is extremely unlikely that he would have married a Jewess, and the latter would also not have married him. There exists no official description of the life of Malenkov. This is certainly to be attributed to the fact that he does not want his Jewish origin to be discovered.

5. Nikolaus Salomon Khrushchev, present chief (1963) of the Soviet Communist party, member of the Politburo since 1939, i.e. since the year when Malenkov was chosen member of the Orgburo. He is the brother of Madame Malenkov, i.e. of the Jewess Pearlmutter. Khrushchev is a Jew and his real name is Pearlmutter. Also, the present wife of Khrushchev, Nina, as well as the wives of Mikoyan, Voroshilov, Molotov, etc., are Jewesses.

6. Marshal Nikolaus Bulganin, at present first Soviet minister, former bank official, was one of the ten Jewish members of the Commissariat for the liquidation of private banks in the year 1919.

7. Anastasio Josifovich Mikoyan, member of the Politburo since 1935, member of the Supreme Presidium since 1952, Trade Minister and Vice-president in the Malenkov government. He is an Armenian Jew and not a true Armenian as is believed.

8. Kruglov, chief of the M.V.D. after Beria. Upon command of Kruglov the imprisoned Jewish doctors were released who had been imprisoned by Riumin, sub-chief of the police, during the rulership of Beria, in the year 1953. Likewise Jew.

9. Alexander Kosygin, member of the Politburo up to 1952, afterwards deputy in the Supreme Presidium and Minister for light industry and food in the Malenkov government.

10. Nikolaus Schvernik, member of the Politburo up to 1952, then member of the Supreme Presidium and member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist party; Jew.

11. Andreas Andreievich Andreiev, who was known as the “Politbureaucrat” of 3 A, member of the Politburo between 1931 and 1952, Jew from Galicia (Poland). He writes under a Russian pseudonym.

12. P. K. Ponomareno, member of the Orgburo in the year 1952; afterwards member of the highest Presidium and culture minister in the Malenkov government.

13. P. F. Yudin (Jew), deputy member of the highest Presidium and titulary of the Ministry for building material in the Malenkov government in the year 1953.

14. Mihail Pervukin, member of the Presidium of the central committee of the Communist party since 1953.

15. N. Schatalin, official in the sub-secretariat of the Central Committee of the Community Party.

16. K. P. Gorschenin, Justice minister in the government of Malenkov.

17. D. Ustinov (Zambinovich), Soviet ambassador in Athens (Greece) up to the second world war; defence minister in the Malenkov government.

18. V. Merkulov, Minister for state control at the time of Malenkov.

19. A. Zasyadko, Minister for the coal industry under Malenkov.

20. Cherburg, Soviet propaganda chief.

21. Milstein. one of the Soviet espionage chiefs.

22. Ferentz Kiss, Chief of the Soviet espionage service in Europe.

23. Postschreibitscher (Poschebicheve), former private secretary of Stalin, at present chief of the secret archives of the Kremlin.

24. Ilya Ehrenburg, delegate for Moscow in the Supreme Soviet, Communist writer; likewise Jew.

25. Mark Spivak, delegate from Stalino (Ukraine) in the Supreme Soviet of Moscow.

26. Rosalia Goldenberg, delegate from Birobudjan in the Supreme Soviet.

27. Anna E. Kaluger, delegate of Bessarabia in the Supreme Soviet, Her brother, not Koluger, but Calugaru in Rumanian, is a Communist official in the government of Rumania.

Also Kalinin, one of the great Soviet officials under Stalin who died some time ago, was a Jew

In continuing the list of Jews in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the USSR, we mention:

1. Maxim Maximovich Litvinoff, Minister for Foreign Affairs up to 1939, when he was replaced by Molotov. He afterwards occupied high offices in the same ministry up to his death in February 1952. He was born in Poland as son of the Jew Meer Genokh Moiseevich Vallakh, a bank clerk. In order to conceal his real name Maxim Moiseevich Vallakh, Litvinoff used various pseudonyms during his real career, among them Finkelstein, Ludwig Nietz, Maxim Harryson, David Mordecay, Felix, and finally, when he became an official in the Communist regime of Russia, he took on the name of Litvinoff or Litvinov. When this Jew was replaced by Molotov in the Year 1939, the Jews of the western world and the entire Jewish-Freemasonic press began to cry out that he had been removed by Stalin because he was a “Jew”, but they kept quiet afterwards concerning the fact that up to his death Litvinov remained in the ministry. Why also say this, if it was not of interest for the conspiracy? In the Memoirs of Litvinov, which were published after his death, he wrote that in his opinion nothing would alter in Soviet Russia after the death of Stalin. In fact, Stalin died a year after Litvinov and nothing was altered in the Soviet’s internal and external policies.

2. Andreas Januarevich Vishinsky, now dead, who was foreign minister of the USSR before the death of Stalin and afterwards permanent representative of the Soviet Union in the UNO. There he missed no opportunity to sling his obscenities against the non-Communist lands, exactly as in the times when he was “Peoples Judge.” His Jewish name was Abraham Januarevin.

3. Jakob Malik, Soviet representative in the UNO and a great personality in the Soviet diplomatic hierarchy; Jew.

4. Valerian Zorin, for a time ambassador in London and likewise a great figure of Soviet diplomacy, who changes his post according to necessity.

5. Andrei Gromyko, diplomat, Minister for foreign affairs since 1958.

6. Alexander Panyushkin, former Soviet ambassador in Washington, ambassador in Peking during the year 1955, who is regarded as the actual dictator of Red China.

7. Zambinovich (Ustinov), ambassador in Athens up to 1940.

8. Admiral Radionovich, ambassador in Athens between 1945 and 1946, i.e., as the Communist coup d’état in Greece was prepared; Jew.

9. Constantin Umansky, ambassador in Washington during the Second World War and afterwards official in the Ministry for foreign affairs in Moscow.

10. Manuilsky, former representative in the Ukraine and in the UNO, at present President of the Ukraine; likewise Jew.

11. Ivan Maisky, ambassador in London during the war, afterwards high official of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow.

12. Madame Kolontay, ambassador in Stockholm until her death in March 1952; Jewess.

13. Daniel Solod, ambassador in Cairo in the year 1955. The latter, supported by a Jewish group which belongs to the diplomatic corps in Cairo, directs the Israelite conspiracy inside the Arab world under Soviet diplomatic protection, without the Egyptian government noticing this. This government should not forget that David Ben Gurion, first minister of Israel, as well as Golda Meyerson, Israel’s Minister in Moscow, are Russian Jews like David Solod.


1. The most important Communist leader since the occupation of this land by Soviet troops is Mathias Rakosi, an Israelite, whose real name is Mathew Roth Rosenkranz, and who was born in the year 1892 in Szabadka.

2. Ferenk Münnich, First Minister in Hungary in the year 1959 after Janos Kadar.

3. Erno Gero, Minister of the Interior until 1954.

4. Szebeni, Minister of the Interior before the Jew Gero.

5. General Laszlo Kiros, Jew, Minister of Interior since July 1954, simultaneously chief of the A.V.O., i.e. the Hungarian police, which corresponds to the Soviet M.V.D.

6. General Peter Gabor, chief of the Communist political police of Hungary up to 1953, a Jew, who in reality was called Benjamin Ausspitz and was earlier a tailor in Satorai-Jeujhely, Hungary.

7. Varga, State secretary for economic planning; a Jew, who in reality is called Weichselbaum; former Minister of the Bela Kun government. He was also President of the supreme economic council.

8. Beregi, Minister for foreign affairs.

9. Julius Egry, Agriculture minister of the Hungarian Peoples Republic.

10. Zoltan Vas, President of the supreme economic council; a Jew, who in reality was called Weinberger.

11. Josef Reval, the editor of the Hungarian press and director of the Red newspaper “Szabad Nep” (The Free People); a Jew; who is really called Moses Kahana.

12. Revai (another), Minister for national education; a Jew named Rabinovits.

13. Josef Gero, transport minister; a Jew named Singer.

14. Mihaly Farkas, Minister for national defence; a Jew named Freedman.

15. Veres, Minister of State.

16. Vajda, Minister of State.

17. Szanto, Commissar for purging of enemies of the State, in the year 1951 sent by Moscow; a Jew named Schreiber; former member of the Bela Kun government.

18. Guyla Dessi, Justice Minister up to 1955; today chief of the secret police.

19. Emil Weil, Hungarian ambassador in Washington; he is the Jewish doctor who tortured Cardinal Mindszenty.

Among other important Jewish officials to be mentioned are:

1. Imre Szirmay, director of the Hungarian radio company.

2. Gyula Garay, judge of the Communist “Peoples court of Budapest.”

3. Colonel Caspo, Sub-chief of the secret police.

4. Professor Laszlo Benedek, Jewish dictator for educational questions.

The sole important Communist of Gentile origin was the Freemason Laszlo Rajk, former minister for foreign affairs, who was sentenced and executed by his Jewish “brothers” for his “betrayal.”


1. Clemens Gottwald, one of the founders of the Communist party in Czechoslovakia and president of the country between 1948 and 1953; a Jew, who died shortly after Stalin.

2. Vladimir Clementis, former Communist minister of Czechoslovakia for foreign affairs, “sentenced and executed” in the year 1952; Jew.

3. Vaclav David, present foreign minister of Czechoslovakia (1955); Jew.

4. Rudolf Slaski, former general secretary of the Communist party of Czechoslovakia, “sentenced” in the year 1952; a Jew by name of Rudolf Salzmann.

5. Firi Hendrich, present general secretary of the Communist party; Jew.

6. Andreas Simon, sentenced in the year 1952; a Jew named Otto Katz.

7. Gustav Bares, assistant of the general secretary of the Communist party; Jew.

8. Josef Frank, former assistant of the general secretary of the Communist party, “sentenced” in the year 1952; Jew.


1. Boleislaw Bierut, President of Poland up to 1954; Jew.

2. Jakob Berman, general secretary of the Communist party of Poland; Jew.

3. Julius Kazuky (Katz), minister for foreign affairs of Poland, who is well known for his violent speeches in the UNO; Jew.

4. Karl Swierezewskv, former vice-minister for national defence, who was murdered by the Anti-Communist Ukrainian country population in south Poland (the mass of the people is not always amorphous); Jew.

5. Josef Cyrankiewicz, first minister of Poland since 1954, after Bierut; Jew.

6. Hillary Mink, Vice-prime minister of Poland since 1954; Jew.

7. Zenon Kliszko, minister of justice; Jew.

8. Tadaus Kochcanowiecz, minister of labour; Jew.

The sole important Polish Communist of Gentile origin is Wladislaw Gomulka who was removed from political leadership since 1949, when he lost his post as first minister. Sooner or later he will share the same fate as Rajk in Hungary.


1. Anna Pauker, Jewess, former minister for foreign affairs of the “Rumanian Peoples Republic”, and spy No. 1 of the Kremlin in Rumania up to the month of June 1952. Since then she has remained in the shadows in Bucharest up to the present day, naturally in freedom. This Jewish hyena, who was originally called Anna Rabinsohn, is the daughter of a rabbi, who came to Rumania from Poland. She was born in the province of Moldau (Rumania) in the year 1892.

2. Ilka Wassermann, former private secretary of Anna Pauker, at present the real directress of the ministry for foreign affairs.

3. Josef Kisinevski, the present agent No. 1 of the Kremlin in Rumania, member of the central Committee of the Communist party and vice-president of the council of ministers. He is a Jew and comes from Bessarabia; his correct name is Jakob Broitman. Also he is the real chief of the Communist party of Rumania, although “officially” the general secretary of the party is the Rumanian locksmith Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dez, who, however, only plays the simple role of a political front. Kisinevski took his present pseudonym from the name of the city of Kisinau in Bessarabia, where before the arrival of the Red Army he owned a tailor’s workshop.

4. Teohari Georgescu, minister for internal affairs in the Communist government of Bucharest between 1945 and 1952; at the present time he has been reduced to a second-rank post, although he was “officially” “expelled” from the Communist party. He finds himself in the same position as Anna Pauker. His real name is Baruch Tescovich. He is a Jew from the Rumanian Danube harbour of Galatz.

5. Avram Bunaciu, likewise a Jew, is the present (1955) general secretary of the Presidium of the great national assembly of the “Rumanian peoples republic”, i.e. the real leader of this assembly, for the “official” president Petru Groza is only an old Freemasonic marionette, who is married to a Jewess and plays only a purely static role. Avram Bunaciu is called in reality Abraham Gutman (Gutman translated into Rumanian is the corresponding name for “Bunaciu”, i.e. the pseudonym taken on by this Jew).

6. Lotar Radaceanu, another Minister of the Communist government of Bucharest “deposed” in the year 1952, but who in 1955 reappeared on the honorary tribune. He is a Jew from Siebenbürgen and is called Lothar Würtzel. Since the “Würtzel” in Rumanian translates “Radicinu”, this Jew has simply transferred his Hebraic name into Rumanian and is now called “Radaceanu”.

7. Miron Constantinescu, member of the central Committee of the Communist party and minister for mining and petroleum. Now and then he changes his ministerial posts. He is a Jew from Galatzi (Rumania), who in truth is called Mehr Kohn, and as is customary among them, uses a Rumanian pseudonym.

8. Lieutenant General Moises Haupt, commander of the military district of Bucharest; Jew.

9. Colonel General Zamfir, Communist “security chief” in Rumania and responsible for thousands of murders, which this secret police has perpetrated. He is a Jew and comes from the Danube harbour of Braila. He is called Laurian Rechler.

10. Heim Gutman, chief of the civil secret service of the Rumanian Peoples republic; Jew.

11. Major-General William Suder, chief of the information service and of counter-espionage of the Rumanian Communist army. He is a Jew, by name Wilman Süder and former officer of the Soviet Army.

12. Colonel Roman, former director of the E.K.P. service (education, culture and propaganda) of the Rumanian army up to 1949, and at the present time Minister in the Communist government. His name as Jew is Walter.

13. Alexander Moghiorosh, minister for Nationalities in the Red government; Jew from Hungary.

14. Alexander Badau, chief of the Control Commission for foreigners in Rumania. He is a Jew who originates from the city of Targoviste whose real name is Braustein. Before 1940 his family in Targoviste possessed a large trading firm.

15. Major Lewin, chief of press censorship, Jew and former officer of the Red Army.

16. Colonel Holban, chief of the Communist “Security” of Bucharest, a Jew named Moscovich, former Syndicate (Union) chief.

17. George Silviu, general governmental secretary of the ministry for internal affairs; a Jew named Gersh Golinger.

18. Erwin Voiculescu, chief of the pass department in the ministry for foreign affairs. He is a Jew and is called Erwin Weinberg.

19. Gheorghe Apostol, chief of the general labour union of Rumania; he is a Jew named Gerschwin.

20. Stupineanu, chief of economic espionage; Jew by name Stappnau.

21. Emmerick Stoffel, Ambassador of the Rumanian Peoples Republic in Switzerland; a Jew from Hungary and specialist in bank questions.

22. Harry Fainaru, former legation chief of the Rumanian Communist embassy in Washington up to 1954 and at present official in the ministry for foreign affairs in Bucharest. He is a Jew named Hersch Feiner. Before the year 1940 his family possessed a grain business in Galatzi.

23. Ida Szillagy, the real directress of the Rumanian embassy in London; Jewess; friend of Anna Pauker.

24. Lazarescu, the “Chargé d’Affaires” of the Rumanian government in Paris. He is a Jew and is really called Baruch Lazarovich, the son of a Jewish trader from Bucharest.

25. Simon Oieru, State under-secretary of the Rumanian state; Jew with name of Schaffer.

26. Aurel Baranga, inspector general of arts. He is a Jew; Ariel Leibovich is his real name.

27. Liuba Kisinevski, president of the U.F.A.R. (Association of anti-Fascist Rumanian women); she is a Jewess from Cernautzi/ Bukowina, and is called in reality Liuba Broitman, wife of Josif Kisinevski of the central Committee of the party.

28. Lew Zeiger, director of the ministry for national economy; Jew.

29. Doctor Zeider, jurist of the ministry for foreign affairs; Jew.

30. Marcel Breslasu, director general of arts; a Jew by name Mark Breslau.

31. Silviu Brucan, chief editor of the newspaper “Scanteia”, official party organ. He is a Jew and is called Brükker. He directs the entire campaign of lies that attempts to deceive the Rumanian people concerning the true situation created by Communism. At the same time the Jew Brükker directs the fake “Antisemitic” campaign of the Communist press of Rumania.

32. Samoila, governing director of the newspaper ‘‘Scanteia”; he is a Jew; Samuel Rubenstein.

33. Horia Liman, second editor of the Communist newspaper “Scanteia”; Jew with the name of Lehman.

34. Engineer Schnapp, governing director of the Communist newspaper “Romania Libera” (Free Rumania), the second Communist newspaper on the basis of its circulation; likewise a Jew.

35. Jehan Mihai, chief of the Rumanian film industry, Communist propaganda by means of films; a Jew, whose name is Jakob Michael.

36. Alexander Graur, director general of the Rumanian radio corporation, which stands completely and solely in the service of the Communist party. He is a Jewish professor and is called Alter Biauer, born in Bucharest.

37. Mihail Roller, at present President of the Rumanian academy, is a sinister professor, a Jew, unknown before the arrival of the Soviets in Rumania. Today he is “President” of the Academy and in addition he has written a “new history” of the Rumanian people, in which he falsifies the historical truth.

38. Professor Weigel, one of the tyrants of the university of Bucharest, who directs the constant “purging actions” among Rumanian students who are hostile to the Jewish-Communist regime.

39. Professor Lewin Bercovich, another tyrant of the Bucharest university, who with his spies controls the activity of Rumanian professors and their social connections; an immigrant Jew from Russia.

40. Silviu Josifescu, the official “literary critic”, who censures the poems of the best poets like Eminescu Alecsandri, Vlahutza, Carlova, etc., who all died centuries ago or more than half a century ago, and alters form and content, because these poems are “not in harmony” with the Communist Marxist ideas. This literary murderer is a Jew, who in truth is called Samoson Iosifovich.

41. Joan Vinter, the second Marxist “literary critic” of the regime and author of a book with the title “The problem of literary legacy” is likewise a Jew and is called Jakob Winter.

The three former secretaries of the General Labour League up to 1950, Alexander Sencovich, Mischa Levin and Sam Asriel (Serban), were all Jews.


1. Marshal Tito, who with his real Jewish name is called Josif Walter Weiss, originates from Poland. He was an agent of the Soviet secret service in Kabul, Teheran and Ankara up to 1935. The true Brozovich Tito, in origin a Croat, died during the Spanis civil war in Barcelona.

2. Moses Pijade, general secretary of the Communist party and in reality the “grey eminence” of the regime, is a Jew of Spanish origin (Sefardit).

3. Kardelj, member of the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist party and minister for foreign affairs; is a Jew of Hungarian origin and is called in reality Kardayl.

4. Rankovic, member of the Central Committee of the Yugoslav Communist party and minister for internal affairs, is an Austrian Jew and was earlier called Rankau.

5. Alexander Bebler, member of the Central Committee of the Communist party and permanent representative of Yugoslavia in the UNO, is an Austrian Jew.

6. Ioza Vilfan (Joseph Wilfan), economic advisor of Tito, in reality the economic dictator of Yugoslavia, is a Jew from Sarajevo.

Since not so many Jews live in Yugoslavia as in other lands, we find a greater number of natives in the Communist government of this land, always however in posts of the second rank; for the abovementioned principal leaders in reality control the Yugoslav government completely and absolutely.

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